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0006727CentOS-6resource-agentspublic2013-12-18 16:42
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Product Version6.4 
Fixed in Version6.5 
Summary0006727: resource-agents-3.9.2-21.el6_4.8.x86_64 uses incorrect heartbeat path
Descriptionresource-agents-3.9.2-21.el6_4.8.x86_64 alters the path for the heartbeat binary to /usr/libexec/heartbeat even though the actual path for 64bit heartbeat is /usr/lib64/heartbeat. This makes the heartbeat init script exit without warning.

Steps To Reproduceyum update (on a system with heartbeat installed)
Additional InformationI expect this is related to the checkin here:
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has duplicate 0006762 closedIssue Tracker all heartbeat clusters are dead after glibc update 




2013-11-08 09:32

manager   ~0018308

Last edited: 2013-11-08 18:14

On a system with heartbeat installed I still find the heartbeat binary at /usr/lib64/heartbeat/heartbeat.
Also not shure if this does belong here. heartbeat is provided by EPEL, so no CentOS package.



2013-11-08 12:08

reporter   ~0018310

Yeah. I didn't know exactly where to put this. Since it seems to be caused by a change in "/usr/lib/ocf/lib/heartbeat/ocf-directories" from the CentOS update and not from anything the EPEL package entertainer changed, this seemed to be an appropriate place.

Again from resource-agents-3.9.2-21.el6_4.3.x86_64 to resource-agents-3.9.2-21.el6_4.8.x86_64, the following line changed which broken the heartbeat init script:

-: ${HA_BIN:=/usr/lib64/heartbeat}
+: ${HA_BIN:=/usr/libexec/heartbeat}


2013-11-08 18:13

manager   ~0018314

Just that i'm not mistaking: you can't run 'service heartbeat start'?


2013-11-08 19:01

reporter   ~0018317

That's correct. It exists without warning.


2013-11-08 19:32

reporter   ~0018318

exits* :D


2013-11-08 19:35

manager   ~0018319

Last edited: 2013-11-11 10:47

I'm also running various systems with heartbeat, all up-to-date and running fine. I will check the startup script and the paths again when I get access to the systems.
[Edit]: OK, the systems in question haven't gotten the update of the resource-agents installed.



2013-11-08 23:21

reporter   ~0018320

Adding my 2-cents here -

Ran into the issue as well on multiple CentOS6 systems running heartbeat. I also initially added a symlink to the 64-bit binary which sort-of worked. I noticed immediately that it did not correctly add VIP interfaces as ifconfig -a would not show the subinterfaces as it normally does despite the fact they were apparently there (i.e. they were pingable and reachable from an external system).

I also noticed that at least three files (findif, send_arp and tickle_tcp, I believe) were no longer in /opt/lib64/heartbeat but had been relocated to /usr/libexec/heartbeat.

My suspicion, based on the above, is that the 32-bit package is in the 64-bit skin on this one.

Resolution for me was to force uninstall the latest and reinstall the prior package as follows:

rpm -el --nodeps resource-agents-3.9.2-21.el6_4.8.x86_64
yum install -y resource-agents-3.9.2-21.el6_4.3.x86_64


2013-11-11 10:52

manager   ~0018325

Let's see where this is heading:
Files upstream as


2013-11-14 11:04

manager   ~0018352

Last edited: 2013-12-03 09:05

issue 1028957 got closed as DUPLICATE. Existing issue is 1028127.



2013-11-30 19:15

manager   ~0018443

A new build for testing has been provided. To be found at the upstream report.


2013-12-01 12:31

manager   ~0018449

a very quick test showed the new heartbeat builds to work with 6.5.


2013-12-02 19:02

manager   ~0018529

Last edited: 2013-12-07 19:06

the modified package is now in EPEL-testing. If you try them, please leave feedback/karma at



2013-12-18 16:42

manager   ~0018692

The fixed heartbeat package has been pushed to EPEL-stable.

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