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0006734CentOS-6autofspublic2013-11-12 20:29
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Platformx86_64OScentosOS Version6.4
Product Version6.4 
Summary0006734: autofs mounts don't resolve ip's in the output of df for round robin dns entries
DescriptionThis is similar to bug 5109. Autofs mounts aren't showing the short version of the hostname that is mounted but instead the IP address. The system can resolve the reverse. Here's what df -h shows :
                      5.0T 3.4T 1.7T 67% /sb/dist

It should show :

                      5.0T 3.4T 1.7T 67% /sb/dist

[root@scylla ~]# host mako has address has address has address
[root@scylla ~]# host domain name pointer
[root@scylla ~]# host domain name pointer
[root@scylla ~]# host domain name pointer
[root@scylla ~]#
Steps To Reproducesetup autofs to mount a host that has round robin dns entries
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2013-11-12 15:46

reporter   ~0018336



2013-11-12 17:25

manager   ~0018337

From what I gathered, that (showing the IP instead of the hostname) is the intended behavior when the hostname has multiple DNS addresses.


2013-11-12 17:44

reporter   ~0018339

No, because it doesn't work like that on other systems with older versions of autofs (e.g. centos 5.6, autofs-5.0.1-0.rc2.143.el5_6.2) . If I want the IP I can run mount . Actually after 5.6, i.e in 5.7 was when the problem started happening (or behavior changed) according to bug 5109.


2013-11-12 17:46

reporter   ~0018340

in any case, I'll check upstream ..


2013-11-12 18:15

manager   ~0018341

Again from what I gathered, looks like the current behavior is new in EL6. Older autofs probably does not have this "feature".


2013-11-12 19:10

reporter   ~0018343

Just tried autofs 5.0.8, does indeed look like they changed this behavior. I'll go find out why.


2013-11-12 19:19

manager   ~0018344

CentOS must match upstream, feature for feature, bug for bug. So, I suggest you file a report at and see what they say about why the current behavior was made default.


2013-11-12 19:29

reporter   ~0018345

By upstream i meant autofs devs, but not sure if the autofs devs are also rht devs. I'll check.


2013-11-12 20:29

manager   ~0018346

OK, keep us posted with your findings.

In the meantime I spotted the following entry in the changelog (last line):

* Fri Jan 28 2011 Ian Kent <> - 5.0.5-27
- bz616426 - autofs initscript should implement force-reload and try-restart
  - add lsb force-reload and try-restart
- bz629359 - [RFE] Automounter debug mode should include IP addresses
  - include ip address in debug logging.
  - mount using address for DNS round robin host names.

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