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Summary0006893: xen_balloon errors in syslog
DescriptionThis mailing list thread discusses the issue:


System RAM resource [mem 0xc8000000-0xcfffffff] cannot be added
xen_balloon: reserve_additional_memory: add_memory() failed: -17
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2014-01-10 12:58

administrator   ~0018820

This from David Vrabel on the mail list:

Drivers (e.g., blkback) use ballooned pages for use for foreign
mappings. Depending on dom0_mem options there may be no ballooned
memory available at boot and dom0's balloon is increased by allocating
pages. This decreases current_kb.

The balloon driver then tries to decrease the balloon to match the
target but it can only do this by hotplugging new memory. A bug in the
balloon driver means the location of this memory overlaps with an
address range that is already in use and the hotplug will fail.

As a workaround you can boot dom0 with a suitable amount of
pre-ballooned memory with:


You may need to experiment with the max: value.


2014-01-10 12:59

administrator   ~0018821

I would suggest that approx. 16 MB per VM is a reasonable amount of
pre-ballooned memory.

e.g., dom0_mem=3G,max:4G would allow for approx. 64 VMs.

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