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0006945CentOS-6openldappublic2014-01-29 09:08
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Summary0006945: CentOS 6.5: /etc/openldap/certs/* missing
DescriptionOn a fresh install of CentOS 6.5 minimal, the openldap package is already installed but it seems as if the posinstall script has not yet been run. As a result, the certificate database in /etc/openldap/certs/ is not initialized.

The postinstall script, when triggered, runs /usr/libexec/openldap/, which creates the files in /etc/openldap/certs/. Running this script manually fixes the symptoms of the problem.
Steps To Reproduce1) Install CentOS 6.5 minimal.
2) yum install openldap-clients
3) Try to connect to an LDAP server using SSL/TLS, i.e. ldapsearch -H ldaps://ldapserver ...
Additional InformationOn a fresh install of CentOS <= 6.4 minimal, the openldap is not already installed. Installing the openldap package triggers the postinstall script, initializing the certificate database in /etc/openldap/certs/.

Therefore, this seems to be a regression from CentOS 6.4 to 6.5.
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2014-01-29 09:08

manager   ~0019150

I was able to reproduce this issue. Running 'yum reinstall openldap' did fix it.

A similar case (empty /etc/openldap/certs/) was found in the upstream's BZ ( ) but closed as 'insufficient data'.

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