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0007165CentOS-7anacondapublic2014-06-18 22:42
Reporterbstinson Assigned To 
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Summary0007165: Installation notifies user about the upstream EULA
DescriptionAfter completing an install, anaconda presents (at the bottom of the screen) a message saying "Use of this product is subject to the license agreement found at /usr/share/redhat-release/EULA"
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2014-06-17 17:45

reporter   ~0019907

I think that should be OK, we have a very basic EULA. Please check after todays release tress to make sure the EULA displayed is indeed sane and the CentOS one.

build 20140617+ should have this fixed


2014-06-18 02:59

administrator   ~0019911

The installer still contains the text '/usr/share/redhat-release/EULA' (see screenshot) but that file contains the correct CentOS EULA in 20140617. I'm not sure this is worth patching anaconda since it's functional, but the constant 'eulaLocation' lives in (anaconda-sourcedir)/pynaconda/ if we need to generate a patch.


2014-06-18 03:00


EULA_Screenshot.png (92,484 bytes)   
EULA_Screenshot.png (92,484 bytes)

2014-06-18 22:42

reporter   ~0019935

Patched to reflect right place ( the redhat-release is a symlink anyway )

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