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0007197CentOS-7rsyslogpublic2014-06-17 21:28
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Summary0007197: rsyslogd logs kernel messages under the facility 'user' instead of 'kern'
DescriptionWhen logging kernel messages rsyslogd appears to consider them to be
in facility user. It logs them not under whatever was configured for
'kern.*' but under whatever was configured for 'user.*', and when
forwarding them to another machine via at least UDP it identifies them
as facility 'user' messages (verified both on the other machine and by
tcpdump of UDP traffic from a CentOS 7 preliminary test machine).

I don't think that the kernel is at fault here, as 'dmesg -f kern'
shows all the kernel messages while 'dmesg -f user' shows nothing.
Steps To ReproduceReproduction:

Create an /etc/rsyslog.d/test.conf that contains:
  kern.* /var/log/test-kern
  user.* /var/log/test-user

Reboot. Watch kernel boot messages show up in /var/log/test-user and not
show up in /var/log/test-kern.
Additional InformationThis is a 64-bit (virtual) machine with rsyslog-7.4.7-6.el7.x86_64 and
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