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Summary0000072: discussion of BuildRequire vs. Hints needed
Descriptionsee the gimp - libpng request at:

For cAos1-GP, which does not seek strictly to emulate another vendor's product,
it is probably acceptable to add a BuildRequire, or add it to the Hints; but for
cAos1-EL, which strives not to diverge from that vendor, it is not. I propose
that an external Hints file be maitained.

As previously user in the ORCbuild* series, a simple grep -v ^# hints was
expanded, leaving only a list of package names to be added via yum to the build
environment, pre-build. In order to accommodate a single 'hints' file, I
propose that the 'hints' file entries now consist of a 'colon' delimited form.
Arg 1 will remain the package name; Arg 2 will be a 'comma' delimited. case
insensitive listing of the Products for which the package is to be added.

A 'magic match' Arg 2 of 'allcAos' will match in every case, and must be
expressly listed; I have considered 'every' and 'all' but with a ' | grep -i
$arg2', we run the risk of a false match -- the package 'everybuddy' chat
client, for example. I do not immediately find a match on 'all', but it seems

Test for any examples with:
    rpm -qp --qf '%{name}\n' `locate .rpm | grep '.rpm$'` | grep all

For implementation, using
     grep ^# hints | grep -i allcAos | grep -i 'targetversion' | \
               awk -F: {'print $1'}
where the Product 'targetversion' string is set, should do the trick.

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2004-04-06 01:56

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BuildHints seem to be moving into rpm upstream CVS - close locally

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