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0007201CentOS-7anacondapublic2014-10-07 17:40
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OSCentOSOS Version7 
Summary0007201: Date & Time page city dropdown overflows
DescriptionIf the user selects a city on the Date & Time page and then attempts to re-select a city the dropdown will no longer be scrollable when the list is larger than the page.
Steps To ReproduceTested using livecd-centos-7-livecd-201406172300.iso on KVM. This must be done at the default screen size of 1024x768 (I haven't tested others).
(after normal boot)
1. Select Date & Time
2. Select 'Americas' as the country.
3. Select any city.
4. Attempt to re-select a city.
Additional InformationThis was tested using KVM on a Fedora 20 host.
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2014-06-18 14:38


test-centos_7.png (272,030 bytes)


2014-06-18 21:09

updater   ~0019929

I ran into the same issue with Jun 17 boot.iso (330301440 bytes, md5sum 21f61fea589200d2c8e569f41d264b1a) on a Dell R320 via a iDRAC remote console. As a workaround, you can write the city name to the combobox and press Done.


2014-06-18 21:21

manager   ~0019930

I saw the same with RHEL-7 server boot.iso (dropdown menu not scrollable).

2014-07-09 12:50

reporter   ~0020291

i am not sure if we can fix this without major ui intervention, it does look like its coming from upstream anaconda; so i would encourage you to file this report upstream and reference the bz id here.


2014-07-09 13:55

reporter   ~0020299

Bug reported upstream and referenced to here:


2014-10-07 17:40

manager   ~0021079

Will be solved with gtk3-3.8.8-7.el7, which is currently ON_QA.

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