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0007210CentOS-7-OTHERpublic2014-06-26 22:41
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Summary0007210: Not allowed to use swedish characters in root password during installation
DescriptionWhen trying to use Swedish characters for root password, while installing CentOS 7rc, I'm getting the error message that:
"Requested password contains no-ASCII characters, which are not allowed"
I should be able to use characters of all the chosen keyboard types.
Steps To ReproduceTry passwords with characters "outside" "English-US"
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2014-06-26 22:41

updater   ~0020079

I believe the restriction is intentional. Once you go beyond plain ASCII, you will need to take charsets and such into account. It may be somewhat confusing if you can log in if your locale is set to ISO-8859-1, but not if the locale is set to UTF-8. Also note that the mapping may be different in X and in text mode.

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