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Summary0007236: Provision PowerPC hardware to use as CentOS-7 builders
Description1) Working with the OSL folks, we need to get some powerpc nodes online to use as CentOS-7 build machines.

2) Once they are up, we need to get the reimzul-worker-build code deployed and tested

3) get baseline mock configs online, make sure community contribution to the process is possible ( maybe use github as a mirror ? )

4) run a mass build for ppc64, ppc and noarch against the 7rc srpms stack.
Additional InformationWe might need to rely on the i686 multilib bootstrap process and map that to the ppc requirement here. To be worked out.
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2014-06-23 10:55

reporter   ~0020001

3 builder nodes now online from OSL, waiting for access on controller node.

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