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0007244CentOS-7anacondapublic2014-07-09 09:45
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Summary0007244: 'No such file or directory' error after pressing 'Begin Installation' on Apple iMac
DescriptionJust after pressing 'Begin Installation' in CentOS 7, I get an 'No such file or directory' error and installations throws me into debugging mode.

Up to that point I don't have any problems setting up the network, access to install packages, see the drives in the disk formatting window etc.

I have tried to format the install drive with different formats before reaching the disk formatting window, e.g. ext4, but the install always quit at the same point: Just when 'Begin Installation' is pressed.

I also get the following error:
FormatCreateError: (OSError(2, 'No such file or directory'), '/dev/sda1')

BUT I could clearly see /dev/sda in the disk formatting window before pressing 'Begin Installation'.

I have attached the bug automatic bug report created by the installer.

Thanks for looking into this!
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2014-06-24 14:11




2014-06-24 14:14

reporter   ~0020025

Just want to add that I am using the latest boot.iso image.


2014-06-24 19:24

updater   ~0020037

You seem to be trying to install on an "Apple Inc. iMac11,1/Mac". What kind of partitioning did you try to use? Usually wiping the entire disk and letting the installer do the partitioning automatically works quite nicely. If you are trying to set up dual booting between CentOS and MacOSX, I would suggest waiting for the next build of the boot.iso, as there are changes scheduled for UEFI booting.

Also note that the current version is only for testing and should not be used on production system. In particular, if you have anything important on your hard drive(s), please make good backups of your system prior to testing these builds. This QA build may eat kittens or other lovely animals, especially Apple kittens, which uses its odd implementation of UEFI.

There is this line in your anaconda.log:
10:57:30,485 INFO anaconda: Creating hfs+ on /dev/sda1
I don't know how you managed to convince anaconda to use hfs+ for that partition, as that isn't even a supported filesystem type.


2014-06-25 19:15

reporter   ~0020046

Seems like this has been reported earlier in the Red Hat forums, but from what I can tell it has not been solved. The comments mention a workaround that works [I have tested it] even though it's not ideal and should be fixed in the install code:

Taken from the third comment shown on the page linked to above:
1. Boot to installation media.
2. Switch to vt2. (ctrl-alt-f2).
3. Run parted. Delete all partitions.
4. Edit /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/blivet/ Modify isMactel() function to always return False.
5. Run restart-anaconda.

This is for the use case where 'CentOS 7/RHEL 7' is the ONLY OS on the disk. There is also a workaround when OS X lives together with 'CentOS 7/RHEL 7' on the same disk, see the same link above.

In short: There is an error when installing CentOS 7 on Mac machines, and this should be fixed! :-)


2014-06-30 08:56

updater   ~0020116

Although I don't dispute your findings regarding this issue, I'm afraid this will need to get fixed in RHEL first. Any fixes done there will eventually propagate to CentOS as well. In practical terms, the first opportunity where this bug could be fixed is in CentOS 7.1 (or some other number; CentOS version numbering is being discussed at the moment).


2014-07-09 09:44

updater   ~0020280

Please see if adding the mactel-boot package from Fedora 19 or 20 as described in helps with your issue.

Now that CentOS 7 has been officially released, please remember to use the latest released .iso images for your testing. The GA version by itself is unlikely to help with your issue, but accompanied with the aforementioned F19 or F20 packages it just might work. Fingers crossed.

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