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0007252CentOS-7-OTHERpublic2014-06-26 13:51
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Summary0007252: golang version included in RHEL7 extras does not build all the golang* srpms for extras
Descriptiongolang-github-gorilla-context-0-0.22.git708054d.el7.src.rpm and golang-github-syndtr-gocapability-0-0.5.git3454319.el7.src.rpm fail to build with golang-1.2.1-3.

It seems these may need an older version of golang to build.

Version 1.2-7.el7 exists on the epel koji here:

Will try building those package with this version.
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2014-06-26 10:10

administrator   ~0020050

This version of golang (1.2-7.el7) seems to work for all the golang-* packages and also for Docker that is in RHEL-7 extras while the golang-1.2.1-3.el7 rpm does not.

For now we will use golang 1.2-7.el7 in our version of EL7 Extras as I have confirmed that the other packages were indeed built on a different golang than 1.2.1-3.el7, which was released after they were built.

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