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0007253CentOS-7-OTHERpublic2014-06-27 13:56
Reporteravij Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0007253: Live media does not boot in UEFI mode
DescriptionNone of the current (20140625) livecd images boot in UEFI mode, either in VirtualBox or real hardware (Dell R320).
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2014-06-26 17:42

updater   ~0020066

livecd-centos-7-livecd-201406261442.iso boots up fine in VirtualBox, Dell R320 and Acer Aspire XC-105. It can also be installed on the hard disk, and the installed system boots up fine.

livecd-centos-7-live-gnome-201406261459.iso and livecd-centos-7-live-kde-201406261520.iso boot up fine on Dell R320, and they can be installed on the hard disk, and the installed system boots up fine. I did not test these images on the other two platforms.


2014-06-26 22:16

updater   ~0020077

Seems to work, but perhaps we can keep this bug open for a while for additional testing comments from others.


2014-06-27 03:29

manager   ~0020081

I can confirm that. livecd-centos-7-livecd-201406261442.iso boots fine in UEFI with secure boot enabled (Toshiba Z30).


2014-06-27 13:54

manager   ~0020095

I can confirm as well. All 3 livemedia from 20140626 boot, install and reboot successfully on ESXi in EFI-mode. No secure boot to test though.

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