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0007257CentOS-7ipa-serverpublic2014-06-26 14:13
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Platformx64OSLinuxOS VersionC7-QA
Summary0007257: The ipa-server-install scripts adds the redhat ntp servers to /etc/ntp.conf
DescriptionThe IPA server is installed from the command ipa-server-install. This gather details and then configures the system suitable to run IPA.

One of the things necessary is a valid time source due to the use of kerberos.

As part of the install ipa-server-install appends this to /etc/ntp.conf:

### Added by IPA Installer ###
fudge stratum 10

The original server entries are removed during this process.
Steps To Reproduce1) Get a minimal install of C6
2) yum install bind-dyndb-ldap ipa-server libsss_sudo
3) hostname notlocalhost.domain.local
4) echo "$(ip a s dev eth0 | awk '$0 ~ /scope global eth0/ {print $2}' | cut -d'/' -f 1) $(hostname)" >> /etc/hosts
5) ipa-server-install -U --hostname=notlocalhost.domain.local --ip-address=$(ip a s dev eth0 | awk '$0 ~ /scope global eth0/ {print $2}' | cut -d'/' -f 1) -r DOMAIN.LOCAL -n c6ipa.local -p p455w0rd -a p455w0rd --ssh-trust-dns --setup-dns --forwarder=$(awk '$0 ~ /nameserver/ {print $2}' /etc/resolv.conf | head -n 1)
6) grep rhel /etc/ntp.conf
Additional InformationThe installer is a python script and the bit that writes the ntp info is in /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ipaserver/install/

# We use the OS variable to point it towards either the rhel
        # or fedora pools. Other distros should be added in the future
        # or we can get our own pool.
        os = ""
        if ipautil.file_exists("/etc/fedora-release"):
            os = "fedora"
        elif ipautil.file_exists("/etc/redhat-release"):
            os = "rhel"

        srv_vals = []
        srv_vals.append("" % os)
        srv_vals.append("" % os)
        srv_vals.append("" % os)
        fudge = ["fudge", "", "stratum", "10"]

Should be a pretty clean patch that'd be easy to apply to future updates.
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related to 0006957 resolvedJohnnyHughes CentOS-6 The ipa-server-install scripts adds the redhat ntp servers to /etc/ntp.conf 




2014-06-26 13:26

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This has been built and will be rolled into the next published tree:

Please test


2014-06-26 14:00

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Confirmed to be fixed with this build

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