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0007275CentOS-7-OTHERpublic2014-07-01 18:18
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Platformboot2docker v1.0.1OSCentOSOS Version7
Summary0007275: Docker tarball naming implies it's a Docker image
DescriptionThe Docker tarball CentOS-7-20140625-x86_64-docker_01.img.tar.xz contains "img", which to me and it looks like a couple others[1] believe it's a Docker image.

When attempting to "docker load" the file an error is reported:

/mnt/sda1/tmp/docker-import-006962537/repo/dev/json: no such file or directory

However, when using "docker import" the tarball imports fine.

I'm thinking instead of "img" the word "snap" could be used so as not to imply a docker image.
Additional Information[1] A couple commenters at

Also the blog post and devel announcement uses the word "image".
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2014-06-30 13:25

reporter   ~0020120

The naming for this is consistent with the docker documentation, (and even retweeted without comment by docker developers). Please elaborate on your argument a bit more, as this seems a bit of a stretch.


2014-07-01 17:43

reporter   ~0020140

Having discussed this with the docker devs, they state that what we have is in no uncertain terms, an image. However there certainly is potential for some confusion. They recommend (and I agree) the addition of a readme in that directory to clarify usage.

We'll work at addressing that in the next update for the images.


2014-07-01 18:18

reporter   ~0020141

Thanks for checking with the devs. I started a thread on docker-users[1] asking for clarification but no replies yet. I like the idea of a readme to help clarify.


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