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0007285CentOS-7gnome-system-logpublic2014-07-02 18:56
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Summary0007285: gnome-system-log when maximized is hard to close
Descriptiongnome-system-log when maximized is hard to close.
Steps To ReproduceUnder CentOS 7 live-GNOME 20140702...

- Open 'System Log' from menu.
- Supply admin password.
- Maximize the window.

    [a] Under 'gnome classic' you have the maximize button on menubar.
    [b] Under 'gnome' double click on menubar.

- Try close app from 'System Log' on panel at top of screen.

    [a] Has no sub menu to close app.
    [b] Has no sub menu to close app.

- Try to close via apps own internal menubar(s) on apps main window.

    [a] Has no sub menu item to close app.
    [b] Has no sub menu item to close app.

Only viable ways to close app at present.

- On app main window use ALT+right click to perform an action then close app.


- Use SUPER key to expose gnome 3 menu and see the app and and close it via
  the close 'X' on the apps window.

Additional InformationClosing this app should not be this difficult.

This is a major functionality issue.
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2014-07-02 18:56

reporter   ~0020153

This is a know bug.

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