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0007287CentOS-7xorg-x11-drv-intelpublic2014-07-02 20:22
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Summary0007287: Black Screen at Boot on HP Pavilion
DescriptionDuring boot the screen becomes black as soon as the X-Server runs up. Viewing the screen from a very low angle will show that video is being displayed but it is barely visible.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install CentOS-7 making sure that there is no Xorg.conf file that sets the video driver.

2. Boot laptop.

3. Boot messages scroll up screen as expected.

4. After GDM starts, screen goes black.
Additional InformationA workaround is to add acpi_backlight=vendor as kernel option at boot time.

This was an issue on early Fedora 20. After a few updates to the Intel driver, this issue was fixed. Unfortunately, I can't remember which update fixed this.
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2014-07-02 20:19

reporter   ~0020155

Could you provide the model number for the affected system please?


2014-07-02 20:22

reporter   ~0020156

It's a HP Pavilion 15-n096ea

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