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0007300CentOS-7anacondapublic2014-07-11 00:47
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Platformx86_64OSCentOSOS Version7.0.1406
Summary0007300: [regression] Anaconda does not change automatically the keyboard layout when the language and country is selected
DescriptionIn previos RC or pre release of CentOS 7, when I select, language Spanish, sub item Spanish (Argentina), automatically the botom right button change to "latam", the button does not work (I know it, since Fedora 18), but the "fix" of RH is change the keyboard layout based in the selected language and sub language (spanish for spain, uruguay, argentina, etc.).

Actually, the button stay in us, and no change, changing other layout in Anaconda, no change, so is a bug, because in the previous ISO for test (two weeks before), the button was OK.
Steps To Reproduce1.- wget

2.-Boot the DVD

3.- Select install to hard drive

4.- Select spanish

5.- Select Spanish (Argentina) in the right box
Additional InformationThe only way is using setxkbmap or loadkeys from terminal, and is a pain for new users, that try use áéíóú or ñ o put a password with a keyboard layout of us and not latam or other country.




2014-07-05 06:08


cent7.png (117,758 bytes)   
cent7.png (117,758 bytes)   


2014-07-08 01:30

reporter   ~0020213

This is a 7 bug not 6.


2014-07-11 00:37

reporter   ~0020373


Yes, it is a bug in 7, That is clear in the description, screenshot and OS version of the bug, actually, when I filed this bug, in the mantis tracker, I selected 7, not 6... anyway, CentOS 7 has been released with this bug, since it took three days to even notice my bug report (in a RC release). Even after having no updates during 24 hours on this, I entered the #centos-devel channel on freenode network, and I pasted the URL of this bug report in the channel and no one cared.

PS: I will report exactly the same on mantis tracker, crossing my fingers for mantis not to fail again.


2014-07-11 00:47

manager   ~0020374

Moved to CentOS 7.

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