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0007302CentOS-7anacondapublic2014-07-07 01:17
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Summary0007302: Manual partitioning on an existing system does not return deleted LV space to the VG
DescriptionIf you have an existing system and it is set up using LVM then deletion of one of the LVs from the list does not return that LVs space to the freespace so you cannot reuse it. For example, if you had an 8GB / but there was freespace in the VG so you wanted to make it a 13GB LV then you delete the 8GB one but the freespace reported by anaconda stays at the 5GB that it was before even though the old / LV is no longer listed.
Steps To ReproduceSet up a system with the following partition structure

/dev/sda - 16GB
/dev/sda1 - 200MB /boot/efi
/dev/sda2 - 500MB /boot
/dev/sda3 - LVM PV "centos" 15.3GB
/dev/centos/lv_root - 8GB
/dev/centos/lv_swap - 512MB
/dev/centos/lv_home - 2GB

Boot the install DVD
Select Installation Destination from the main installer
Select "I will configure partitioning" then Done
Click on the line "CentOS Linux Linux 7.0.1406 for x86_64" to expand the list of existing partitions/LVs
Highlight the 8GB / LV and press the '-' sign at the bottom of the page and it is deleted but the Available Space option still stays unchanged. This means you can no longer create anything larger than 5GB for the new / LV not the 13GB that ought to be available.
Highlight the "Swap" LV and hit the '-' sign to delete and it too disappears from the list but the Available Space still stays at 5GB
Highlight the /home LV and hit the '-' sign to delete that too and now the Available space is increased to the full 13GB available... but now my /home filesystem that I was wanting to preserve that was full of my user's data is toast and gone forever.
Additional InformationIt should be possible to modify the sizes of existing LVs from the installer without deleting all LVs from the VG.
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2014-07-06 02:04

manager   ~0020195

I'm pretty sure that this is an upstream bug though I haven't tried it on RHEL7RC to doublecheck and I don't have RHEL7GA to check against at all.


2014-07-07 01:17

manager   ~0020198

Tested on RHEL7RC and same behaviour exists there

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