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0007311CentOS-7javapublic2014-07-08 08:02
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Summary0007311: java update after clean install creating rpmnew files
DescriptionInstall media: 7.0-1406 live-GNOME

After install and running an update with no modification to any core config files. java update is creating rpmnew files.

As a standard update on a package with no config changes, this really should not be the case and rpmnew files should not really be created.

See attached screenshot.
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2014-07-07 17:59


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2014-07-08 07:16

administrator   ~0020216

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We are aware of this ... it is also upstream.

As is the case with any update, one should look for and fix any .rpmnew (or .rpmsave) files that result from the update.

In this case, one should replace the jar files in question with the .rpmnew jar file.



2014-07-08 08:02

reporter   ~0020220

You, I and many know this. Those who updated using yum from the terminal will have seen the messages and have like us fixed the issue locally. However, many users who used a GUI updater i.e. 'gnome-packagekit' are likely unaware of the issue.

Maybe an email out on the list(s) informing people of the issue and remedy would be the correct thing to do?

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