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0007315CentOS-7hyperv-daemonspublic2014-07-13 17:30
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PlatformHyper-V 2012 / Hyper-V 2012 R2OSWindows OS Version2012/2012R2
Product Version7.0-1406 
Summary0007315: Hyper-V VM console login issues (weird characters)
DescriptionI am currently testing remote console access into an Centos 7.0 VM running on Hyper-v 2012 R2 using WMI and incomplete/weird characters are appearing on the VM console screen in place of the actual login details when I view the console while testing and the login process fails, attached screen shot "Centos 7.0.png"

When I test the same process with a Centos 6.5 VM the login details work correctly and the login process is successful.

It appears that the Integration component changes in the latest Kernel may be the cause of this, but I have not been able to pinpoint the exact cause.

Please assist.

Output from "modinfo hv_vmbus" Centos 7.0 VM which the issue occurs on is:

filename: /lib/modules/3.10.0-123.el7.x86_64/kernel/drivers/hv/hv_vmbus.ko
license: GPL
srcversion: ACA92694FAAEE8B973B0036
alias: acpi*:VMBus:*
alias: acpi*:VMBUS:*
intree: Y
vermagic: 3.10.0-123.el7.x86_64 SMP mod_unload modversions
signer: CentOS Linux kernel signing key
sig_key: BC:83:D0:FE:70:C6:2F:AB:1C:58:B4:EB:AA:95:E3:93:61:28:FC:F4
sig_hashalgo: sha256

Output from "modinfo hv_vmbus" Centos 6.5 VM where the login process works :

filename: /lib/modules/2.6.32-431.20.3.el6.x86_64/kernel/drivers/hv/hv_vmbus.ko
version: 3.1
license: GPL
srcversion: 3E7D7FE31577CC7E47EA89E
alias: acpi*:VMBus:*
alias: acpi*:VMBUS:*
vermagic: 2.6.32-431.20.3.el6.x86_64 SMP mod_unload modversions

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2014-07-08 11:10


Centos 7.0.PNG (12,930 bytes)   
Centos 7.0.PNG (12,930 bytes)

2014-07-09 12:47

reporter   ~0020290

happy to leave this open here, but you should take this to a hyper-v specific group, we dont have any hyper-v instances to test against


2014-07-10 08:54

reporter   ~0020340

If I provide a Hyper-V Instance with a centos 7 VM , would you be willing to use this for testing ?


2014-07-13 17:30

reporter   ~0020421

have u check your keyboard setup, it can be due to keyboard language. eg swedish.

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