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0007332CentOS-7anacondapublic2014-07-10 01:43 Assigned To 
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Platform64bitOSCentosOS Version7
Product Version7.0-1406 
Summary0007332: Centos 7 base installation past 2TB limit
DescriptionPrevious version of Centos 6 was based on the boot loader grub which has a physical limitation nnstallation at 2TB.

Centos 7 as I understand it is based on grub2 which no longer has the physical 2TB limitation for the seekable boot partition

So if you try to create the installation past the post 2TB limit, the installation will ask you create the installation within the 2TB boundary.

I'm assuming it is a wrong assertion during the installation process then physically stopping you install past the 2TB limit.

Steps To ReproducePlace install DVD, go though the GUI, create a standard partition post 2TB Limit and it will report you saying to create an installation within the initial 2TB limit.

(Its grub2 right so it no longer the case for the seekable 2TB limit boot partition)
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2014-07-09 10:44

updater   ~0020283

You will need to use GPT (GUID partition table) partitioning scheme for that to work properly. The legacy scheme only allows for 2^32 sectors * 512 byte sectors = 2TB partitions.

2014-07-09 11:12

reporter   ~0020286

The system is using GPT and UEFI enabled.


2014-07-09 21:16

updater   ~0020325

I think you are right. I tried this on a 2790GB RAID0 volume, and the installer seems to want /boot within the first 2TB. I first had separate /boot and / partitions, /boot being a few hundreds megs and / was the rest, some 2.5TB. When I deleted /boot, the / filesystem also shrank to 2TB. I was unable to find a combination where /boot would have been on a partition that crossed the 2TB boundary.

There is an upstream bug for this at (for Fedora 20).


2014-07-09 21:32

manager   ~0020326

I thought that even with UEFI, the /boot/efi directory must be within the first 2TB of a drive. Basically you need to create a 500 MB partition which is some sort of FAT (but called System Info I think in the menu). The installer will mount that as /boot/efi.

If you are already doing this and the problem is beyond that, my apologies in advance.. it wasn't clear in the original ticket.

2014-07-10 01:43

reporter   ~0020334

I thought about that the system already has a pre-installed Windows 8 system as you do with Dell (But they issue Ubuntu now!)

Looked with "parted" /boot/efi -> Already sits in the initial 2TB (With Red Hat as you pointed out with a custom layout you map the EFI partition -> /boot/efi)

I'm 99% percent sure its a assumption bug in the Centos GUI install, as I can install other systems using grub2 ie Ubuntu pass the 2TB mark which writes the information to /boot/efi.

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