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0007402CentOS-7mdadmpublic2014-07-19 09:52 Assigned To 
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Product Version7.0-1406 
Summary0007402: Cant create new mdadm array at intall time
DescriptionThe new "dumb" install process does not allow one to create a mdadm raid array at install time
Steps To ReproduceOnly options available are LVM or standard parttition.

Had mdadm raid5 array (4x3TB) disk mounted as / partition in Centos 6.5

New install of Centos 7

Remove /dev/md0 with '-' button

presto no way to get /dev/md0 back
Additional InformationCan't re-use the existing array for the install as the installation fails.

Sigh stop dumbing down Linux. Give us (small minority) a way of doing a fully manual partion, we think we know what we are doing!!
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