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0007431CentOS-7dracutpublic2014-07-26 02:46
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Product Version7.0-1406 
Summary0007431: Loop without any error/warning output when specifying non-existing NIC via kickstart/kernel cmdline
DescriptionWhen specifying a non-existent network interface as the NIC in either the kernel cmdline (booting from pxe) using the ``ip=INTERFACENAME:PROTOCOL'' directive or via a kickstart file, dracut will loop up to its recursion limit of 360 (at which point it fails with a generic error message) in the initqueue/finished script from the check_finished shell function.

I believe it may be handy to have some useful error output from the script especially since over the next few months a lot of folks will probably be making the same mistake with network interface naming as we move from the ethX naming convention to the new default naming convention in 7.
Steps To ReproduceIn my particular case, I was porting my pxe installer from CentOS 6 where the NIC name was always eth0, and so ``'' was being run repeatedly, always failing because eth0 did not exist.
Additional InformationHappy to throw together a patch for this, but I wasn't able to find the script of a template in the initramfs image, so if someone wants to point me to the path under the image where that's generated or where its template lives, feel free.

Just adding a good error msg to stderr regarding an interface not existing at all would likely be helpful to those coming up from CentOS 6.
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