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0007453CentOS-7anacondapublic2014-08-01 18:28
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PlatformCentosOS7OS Version7
Product Version7.0-1406 
Summary0007453: Anaconda completes installation on MMC internal card on NUC and fails to include MMC kernel drivers in initramfs
DescriptionThe installer for Centos 7, text/vnc/graphic all install centos 7 from a USB stick to a NUC with an 4GB internal eMMC card seemingly without issue. However attempting to boot from the MMC reveals initramfs fails to find /dev/root or /dev/euid depending on how you installed. Annoyingly it takes about five minutes to boot while it actually fsck's the rootfs it cant find :)

Steps To ReproduceYou can reproduce this by simply installing and Centos7 build and rebooting to the NUC.
Additional InformationI proved the issue by installing centos7 to the NUC from a USB iso image.
Reboot after installation complete, boot from USB again, choose troubleshooting, rescue , the chroot to /mnt/sysimage. Once chrootd run the following to rebuild initramfs to include the needed modules...

# dracut -f --add-drivers "mmc_core mmc_block sdhci sdhci-pci"
# exit
# init 6

The image boots fine from there...

Of course this is only a temporary fix as any update via yum will install a newly broken initramfs

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2014-08-01 18:28

reporter   ~0020573

As noted by TrevorH in the forums. You can ensure dracut correctly updates all future kernel updates via by modifying /etc/dracut.conf.
Locate, uncomment and modify the following as the following...

add_drivers+=" mmc_core mmc_block sdhci sdhci-pci "

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