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0007504CentOS-7open-vm-toolspublic2014-08-19 07:12
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Product Version7.0-1406 
Summary0007504: open-vm-tools cannot shutdown Virtual Machine
DescriptionIt is not possible to shut down ("shut down guest OS") a VM in VMware vSphere 5.5 even though open-vm-tools are installed. When the command is issued, VMware will return "A general system error occurred: Invalid fault" error message and then do nothing.
Steps To Reproduce* Install CentOS (minimal install)
* Install open-vm-tools
* Try to restart VM from ESXi / vCenter UI
Additional InformationIt looks like open-vm-tools try to use 'ifconfig' which is deprecated and not shipped anymore:

[root@foobar vmware-tools]# ./poweroff-vm-default
Fri Aug 15 02:23:41 CEST 2014 : Executing './poweroff-vm-default'
Fri Aug 15 02:23:41 CEST 2014 : Executing './scripts/vmware/network'
Aug 15 02:23:41 network: ifconfig not in search path.

After the net-tools package is installed, everything works as expected.

Until the scripts are fixed and don't use 'ifconfig' anymore, i recommend to add a dependency to the package to also install net-tools.
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2014-08-15 09:48


Given that CentOS replicates bug-for-bug what RHEL ships, please file a bug at ( RHEL->7->open-vm-tools ) and make the same suggestion to RH. If/when they update the sources, CentOS will pick the change as well.

However, I suggest to ask for the package to be updated and use ip instead of ifconfig, not to add a dependency on ifconfig.


2014-08-15 10:52

reporter   ~0020685

Thank your for the fast reply. I opened Bug 1130482 with Red Hat. I have found more bugs in relation to VMware, should I report all bugs directly to RedHat? Or RedHat and here? Or will RH bugs automatically be replicated here? Thanks.


2014-08-15 12:55

manager   ~0020687

RH and here would be the best approach. You can also cross-reference the CentOS-Bug ID at the Rh bugzilla.


2014-08-18 12:13

reporter   ~0020697

Related to in the RH bug tracker. Problem supposedly fixed in open-vm-tools-9.4.0-4.el7.

How long does it usually take until new packages in RHEL "trickle down" into CentOS? Is there a process or docs I could read? Thanks.


2014-08-18 12:24


Once RH releases the updates, they usually propagate to CentOS mirrors in a matter of hours. It depends of course on several factors such as the need ( or not ) to be modified by CentOS, how long does the build take and the period of time needed to actually propagate the packages to the mirrors.


2014-08-19 07:12

manager   ~0020702

Just to add some information: Shuting down the VM from 'outside' (clicking VM-Power-Shutdown Guest) does work the way it should and shuts down the OS.

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