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0007536CentOS-7anacondapublic2014-08-26 12:06
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Product Version7.0-1406 
Summary0007536: Installing CentOS7 via PXE/Kickstart on any interface other than the first causes configuration issues
DescriptionI installed my first physical server (HP ProLiant DL380G8) which has 4 builtin NICs, using PXE/Kickstart (no network statements). We have always used the second NIC for PXE. After installation, I login and see that only 3 interfaces have configuration files, starting with the one used for PXE (ifcfg-eno[2-4]). In other words, there is no file named /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eno1!

After having scratched my head for a while, I tried to kickstart using the first interface and behold, all four interfaces had corresponding configuration-files after installation.

We've kickstarted versions 5 and 6 and never had these problems before (same procedure) so there's gotta be something weird in v7.
Steps To Reproduce1) PXE-boot/kickstart using second built-in interface, no network-statements in Kickstart-config.
2) After completion, no configuration-files exist for first NIC.
Additional InformationTried and successfully reproduced on both DL380-G8 and DL360-G8 (both have 4 built-in NICs).
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