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0007566CentOS-7-OTHERpublic2014-09-05 07:41
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Platformx86_64OS VersionCentOS-7.0-1406 
Product Version7.0-1406 
Summary0007566: Crash at installation due to partitioning
DescriptionI started installation from a USB disk which I had copied from ISO CentOS-7.0-1406-x86_64-Minimal through dd.

The installation started properly. I selected target device. It was by default set to auto partioning. I wanted to auto partion but also I wanted to see what partionining scheme auto partion is doing, so I fiddled with different options below auto partioning as they were not very clear in meaning. I at a point selected manual partioning & I want to add more space etc also to see what would happen. At no point I created any partitions on my own. Just selected diff options. Then I went back to auto partioning since the GUI was not showing the partioning it would do & I think it crashed at that point.

In between I had changed the network settings & NTP settings many times to see if NTP can be turned on without connecting the ethernet.

I then was changing between options to turn on debugging which would take me to console etc. After selecting diff options, I then finally selected reporting when GUI froze. So I scp-eed the dir which I had tarred & which I am attaching.

I hope this helps.
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2014-09-05 07:41


Centos7-bugreport.tar (645,120 bytes)

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