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0007601CentOS-7firstbootpublic2014-12-17 16:02
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Product Version7.0-1406 
Summary0007601: no option to skip user creation
DescriptionWe've user accounts in ldap, only system users are local. Yet you can't get past the initial setup without creating a local user.

This is an annoying regression from previous releases.
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2014-09-19 17:09

reporter   ~0020953

PS. Now I have this machine set up and talking to ldap server, I was able to login and all... Until I rebooted it -- it still shows user account creation screen after a reboot. Not only that, systemd seems to pop it up before the mouse driver... duh.

I'm wiping this install out since we need a usable workstation next week and epel 7 is missing packages. So I won't be able to do any testing.


2014-09-19 17:11

reporter   ~0020954

Oh, and since this popped back after a reboot, the severity is actually critical. As in "system unusable" out of the box.


2014-09-19 21:34


Last edited: 2014-09-19 21:35

It's a more-or-less known issue. See and the following comments



2014-09-19 21:42

reporter   ~0020958

Yeah, I already knew I'm not upgrading until at least 7.1...


2014-09-19 22:13

reporter   ~0020959

Actually, I'm not sure they're going with 965797: what I'm after is "I have a network login and I will configure it later" button. I don't really see that in there.

All I see is "am told it will be less silly in 7.1" -- that wouldn't be too hard since the current "enterprise login" option a) looks like any Joe A. Luser playing with their laptop can create user accounts in my corporate directory server and b) has fields that must be relevant for some single sign-on system, just not for any of the ones this unix admin is familiar with. "Plain dumb" would be less silly than that.


2014-09-19 22:16


Feel free to file a RFE in bugzilla.r.c with your suggestions inside. Given that CentOS just rebuilds from the sources RH provides, once they implement those changes CentOS will pick them automatically.


2014-09-19 22:21

reporter   ~0020961

Which bugzilla r.c.? I don't have a RHEL subscription (or whatever they use these days), I'm reporting them here in the hope that you guys forward them upstream.


2014-09-19 22:24


You do not need to have a subscription to file bugs, just a regular account. We do not have subscriptions either :)


2014-09-19 22:48

reporter   ~0020963



2014-09-19 23:06


Excellent! Now we wait.

As a personal note: you'd be surprised how easy it is to create a kickstart and how handy it comes. Especially as you can start from the one left behind by anaconda and tweak it as needed.


2014-09-19 23:11

reporter   ~0020965

Yeah, one of these days I'll get a fresh batch of round tuits and get to looking into kickstart...


2014-12-17 16:02

reporter   ~0021984

According to Martin Kolman the bug a) doesn't exist in RedHat and b) requires a subscription for RedHat to give a toss. See comments 4 & 5 resp. in

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