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0007620CentOS-7gnome-shellpublic2014-09-22 21:18
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PlatformVirtualboxOS Version4.3.15 
Product Version7.0-1406 
Summary0007620: Wrong shell assigned to user logging in at console
DescriptionWe store our user information in Active Directory in the posix extensions. For example, my Active Directory account includes the following attributes:
uidnumber: 339
gidnumber: 20
unixHomeDirectory: /u/pat
loginShell: /bin/ksh

I have configured CentOS 7 per the "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Windows Integration Guide" so that that the system is a member of the AD domain. I can successfully login to the computer with my AD user ID and password. I have configured autofs so that the home directory is automounted from our central file server. Everything is working great except for the shell.

When I SSH into the system with kerberos authentication, I get /bin/ksh as I would expect. However when I login via the console and gnome, I get /bin/bash.
Steps To Reproduce1. Configure user account in AD with /bin/ksh as shell
2. Configure system as member of Windows AD Domain
3. Login via SSH as user - verify /bin/ksh is shell
4. Login via console - verify /bin/bash is shell
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2014-09-22 21:18

reporter   ~0020975

OK - I now realize that this is the way that GNOME 3 works. It's just different from GNOME 2. The GNOME terminal doesn't look at the setting of the loginShell but will use bash unless the profile is changed. BUT... I still can't get this to work with GNOME 3. I've tried numerous ways of changing the profile - setting the custom command to /bin/ksh and various other permutations and it still comes up with bash.

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