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0007623CentOS-7initial-setuppublic2014-10-29 14:45
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Product Version7.0-1406 
Summary0007623: During Installing the bootloader the install crashes
DescriptionInstalling from DVD Centos 7 after configuring manual partition setup with.
2MB for bios boot partition on sda
4096MB swap RAID 1 sda,sdb
3.8 TB / RAID 1 sda,sdb
Bootloader set to be installed to sda
Minimal install
When it reaches the installing bootloader step it crashes. The reason for this crash is that in the script at the line that runs grub2-install the grub_args variable is set to install the bootloader to /dev/sdb instead of /dev/sda.
If I try installing with the bootloader set to be installed on sdb and the bios boot partition on sdb then it trys to install it on /dev/sda.
Additional InformationThe only way I have found to work around this is by making a bios boot partition on both sda and sdb so that even though the script is running the grub2-install on the wrong drive it can still install.
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2014-10-01 14:06

reporter   ~0021031

I experienced the same issue on a 3TB drive attempting a remote VNC install.
For me it was a show stopper and forced me to revert to MBR.


2014-10-29 14:43

reporter   ~0021455

I experienced the same issue, really annoying bug. Thanks for the idea to try to manually creating the bios boot partition on the other drive.


2014-10-29 14:45


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