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0007631CentOS-7anacondapublic2014-09-24 14:54
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Product Version7.0-1406 
Summary0007631: Raid 10 on 2 disks
DescriptionLinux MD raid defaults to raid 10 near layout, which is completely viable (and often very fast) on 2 disks. This is documented in the kernel as well as benchmarked on several websites and reports. Raid10 far layout (and offset) requires more disks to be viable, but near does not. The installer will not allow raid 10 on 2 disks whatsoever. (Throwing an error that "The RAID level you have selected (raid10) requires more disks (4) than you currently have selected (2)."

This might seem trivial, but I am sure many of us like having that performance and redundancy on systems with only 2 drives. This isnt hardware raid (which does require 4 or more disks for raid 10, along with many other requirements like how to add another few disks), software raid is intended and works by being more flexible.
Steps To ReproduceSelect 2 destination drives during install and select raid 10 on any 2 partitions. Installer will immediately throw the above error.
TagsAnaconda, md, raid, raid10


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