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0007695CentOS-7crypto-utilspublic2014-10-15 19:58
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PlatformCentos 7OS3.10.0-123.8.1.el7.x86_64 
Product Version7.0-1406 
Summary0007695: Crypt bug

this has been occupying me for 3 days trying to identify the problem...

when trying to use crypt with a fixed salt starting with a $, crypt crashes with an error 22 invalid argument

I'm not sure wether it's a bug or a wanted behaviour, but it used to work on CentOS6 !

The problem is that we made a LDAP replica running CentOS7 and all our user's passwords have been encrypted with a fixed $1 salt (very bad idea indeed, but the engineer who made this is gone...), so when a client try to authenticate against this replica, authentication fails due to incorrect credentials.

Thx for reading
Steps To ReproduceMake a little perl or C script using crypt and a \$1 salt. Try the same on a CentOS6...
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2014-10-15 19:53

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salt is a two-character string chosen from the set [a–zA–Z0–9./]. The dollar sign is not included in that set.

edit: You may be using glibc extensions to crypt, which do allow more than those characters. See

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