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0000772CentOS-4Missing Componentpublic2013-03-23 21:37
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Summary0000772: Cannot mount USB HDD/ USB Flash Drive
Description1. Identify the drives only if they are plugged when computer start up.
2. Identified USB HDD in fstab, but failed to mount.
3. Mounted USB Flash drive, but subdirectory reported damaged. (Tried this one
on a M$ XP, no problem accessing the files at all.)

I can mount these USB drives using CentOS 3. Is there a weired change in
CentOS 4 beta about the mounting?
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2005-02-10 16:46

reporter   ~0002354

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    What vendor and model these devices are? Your report is almost useless
without these details, the developers can not guess. What do you get in
/var/log/messages (tail -f /var/log/messages before inserting the device), what
does lsusb say? I'll try my USB flash tomorow...


2005-02-18 05:49


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I used a SanDisk Cruzer Mini 128MB and I/O Magic GigaBank 2.2GB.
Reinstalled CentOS 3.4 right after that and it works fine so far.
I don't think the /var/log/messages and lsusb would tell any story about
CentOS 4 since I'm using 3.4 now.


2005-02-25 19:37


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It works fine for me. Here are the appropriate entries from /var/log/messages

Feb 25 14:03:07 evolution kernel: usb 1-4: new high speed USB device using address 2
Feb 25 14:03:07 evolution kernel: SCSI subsystem initialized
Feb 25 14:03:07 evolution kernel: Initializing USB Mass Storage driver...
Feb 25 14:03:07 evolution kernel: scsi0 : SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage
Feb 25 14:03:07 evolution kernel: Vendor: LEXAR Model: JUMPDRIVE SECURE
Rev: 1000
Feb 25 14:03:07 evolution kernel: Type: Direct-Access
ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Feb 25 14:03:07 evolution kernel: usbcore: registered new driver usb-storage
Feb 25 14:03:07 evolution kernel: USB Mass Storage support registered.
Feb 25 14:03:07 evolution scsi.agent[2636]: disk at /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:
Feb 25 14:03:08 evolution kernel: SCSI device sda: 2030592 512-byte hdwr sectors
(1040 MB)
Feb 25 14:03:08 evolution kernel: sda: assuming drive cache: write through
Feb 25 14:03:08 evolution kernel: sda: sda1
Feb 25 14:03:08 evolution kernel: Attached scsi disk sda at scsi0, channel 0, id
0, lun 0
Feb 25 14:03:08 evolution fstab-sync[2675]: added mount point /media/LEXAR_MEDIA
for /dev/sda1
Feb 25 14:03:40 evolution kernel: SELinux: initialized (dev sda1, type vfat),
uses genfs_contexts

.....random log entries removed..

Feb 25 14:04:22 evolution kernel: usb 1-4: USB disconnect, address 2
Feb 25 14:04:22 evolution fstab-sync[2814]: removed mount point
/media/LEXAR_MEDIA for /dev/sda1

----END SNIP----
Browses files fine, writes to files on usb fine. This is using vfat filesystem.
Possibly the reporting user is using a proprietary filesystem?

2005-03-11 21:50

administrator   ~0002357

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looking at ths issue ....

2005-03-12 01:44

administrator   ~0002358

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i've tried an external usb hdd and a usb flash stick... both work for me


2005-10-04 14:21

reporter   ~0002824

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I experienced the same issue on CentOS 4.1 with a Sandisk Cruizer 512 MB flash disk. Whenever, the flashdisk is inserted to the USB port, no event is noted in /var/log/messages. /proc/bus/usb/devices does not have an entry for the flash disk as well.

By using trial and error, I was able to find a quick fix. I unloaded uhci_hcd module and reloaded it again. After doing the reload, the flash disk gets mounted automatically by hotplug and a nautilus icon for the disk appears on the desktop. Subsequent inserts also automounts.

I added "rmmod uhci_hcd" and "modprobe uhci_hcd" in /etc/rc.local



2007-12-04 05:21

reporter   ~0006454

I can confirm this problem. USB drives (IDE drives in USB enclosures used for backup) work in 7.3, 9, Centos-3, Centos-5.0 (haven't tested 5.1 yet), but not in Centos-4.4. I will be testing Centos-4.5 this week - and if it doesn't work, I'll have to migrate 7.3 systems to 5.x instead. This is frustrating because the Centos-4.4 LiveCD boots on a number of system where the Centos-5 LiveCD refuses to boot. But it is of no use if backups are on removable USB drives.


2007-12-04 05:26

reporter   ~0006455

In the case of Centos-4.4 LiveCD, the USB drive won't register in /proc/bus/usb/devices. When displaying usb/devices, the cat command hangs for several minutes, with usb errors (-71) appearing in messages. The drive is not present when it finishes. Same thing with both USB1.1 and USB2.0 adapters.


2007-12-06 20:11

reporter   ~0006498

I tested Centos-4.5, and it mounts USB drives with no problem. So it is only 4.4 that is broken. This would be minor if there was a Centos-4.5 LiveCD. In most cases, the CentOS-5.0 LiveCD can be used, but there are machines (e.g. Dell 440SC) where it won't boot.


2010-04-28 00:23

reporter   ~0011175

I had what may be the same problem.

My 80GB USB (IDE?) drive FujitsuMHV2080AH in not recognised in Centos 5.4 2.6.28-164.el5.

When I connect my 80GB USD disk to Vista, it works as FAT and also as NTFS.

(dmesg | tail)
end_request: I/O error dev sdb sector 0
sd 4:0:0:0: SCSI error return code 0x10070000

(mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb /media/)
Error reading boot sector: I/O error .........................
Failed to mount '/dev/sdb': i/o error ...........
NTFS is either inconsistent or there is a hardware fault ............

The drive was freshly formatted in NTFS, has a few files on it.

It is annoying that Windoze can read and write to the USB drive but not Centos.




2013-03-23 21:37

manager   ~0016961

CentOS4 is EOL.

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