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0007853Cloud Instance SIGgeneralpublic2014-11-08 19:36
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PlatformAtomic HostOSCentosOS Version7
Summary0007853: cockpit-agent does not have permission to connect to docker socket
Descriptioncockpit doesn't lists the images and containers residing on the atomic hosts. This is most likely because the cockpit-agent is running as "centos" user and cannot connect to /var/run/docker.sock. Running the command below fixes this issue but can be a security risk.
# chmod o+rw /var/run/docker.sock
Steps To Reproduce# systemctl start cockpit.socket
# systemctl start cockpit

- open http://<ip_of_atomic_host>:9090/#dashboard&server?machine=localhost&containers in a browser to see a warning message.
- Also check /var/log/messages
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