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0007919CentOS-7generalpublic2014-11-23 16:25
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Platformx86_84OSCent-7.0OS Version7.0
Product Version7.0-1406 
Summary0007919: Can find any partitions on a std 1TB HDD
DescriptionThe MB is ASUS AMD CROSSHAIR V FORMULA running BIOS 1402 updated to 1403.
The CPU is a 4.2 Ghz running as std.
Memory or two 8GB Sticks.
GPU's two off ( Garwards 4700's v.old cards )
CPU 1200W Thermaltake + Thermaltake 860w feeds the GPUs.
(All other cards have been removed.)

The HDD's in a pair of 500GB in Raid which are seen and a 1TB which is not seen at all. Not full or empty partitions are seen.

Many settings in the MB Setup have also been tryed - no joy!

The install disk has passed the in-built disk-test with no problems.

Thus can't make a partition thus no installation.
Cent 6.5x64 goes on ( and runs well ) but not the newer 7.0 version.
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