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0007929CentOS-7anacondapublic2014-11-25 23:54
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Summary0007929: pxe boot image will hang during software selection
Descriptionwhen using the pxe boot image (via actual pxe, or http install via virt-manager) i can reliably get the install to hang if i try to select the gnome desktop option. from watching top i can see that the loop1 process chews up all the time and it looks like anaconda is what is driving the io.

but, this only seems to happen at smaller ram sizes. at 1g it will fail, but at 2g, it happily finds dependencies and continues on.

using the same 1g setup, but using the dvd boot image, it runs fine.
Steps To Reproduceon a system with 1g of ram:
boot via pxe
change software selection from minimal to gnome desktop
press done button
Additional Informationit seems like any selection with a gui will cause the hang.
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