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0008053CentOS-7xfsprogspublic2015-01-06 09:01
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Summary0008053: xfs still failed to allocate memory using linux 3.10 that patched commit b3f0
We test our ceph cluster I/O performance, and then one osd node down.
Finally, I found the reason is xfs failed to allocate memory:

And in that report the resolver of this XFS problem is update kernel to 3.14rc1:
One fix has been integrated in kernel commit b3f03bac8132207a20286d5602eda64500c19724

Here is the difference of commit b3f0:

and my kernel version:
# uname -r
For some reason, I would not want to upgrade kernel 3.10.0 to 3.14rc1,
So I tried to recompile xfs module with the commit b3f0,
But, after I download the kernel source code:
I found 3.10.0 already patched the commit, so is that means my xfs included the patch and still does not work?
If that is right, I also can't understand why centos kernel-3.10.0 include 3.14rc1 bug fixed commit.

I'm new boy here, describe not very clear, waiting for your helps, thanks.
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