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0008239CentOS-7anacondapublic2020-10-28 12:38
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Product Version7.0-1406 
Summary0008239: [RFE] include installer images in update composes
DescriptionCurrently package upgrades are provided through the upgrade repo, but this does not coveri nstaller images.

The problem is that bugs which affect anaconda are never landing in any installer image, so currently I need to wait for the next minor release to get an installer image updated.

I'd love to see regular updates of the
- boot.iso
- netboot.iso
- pxeboot initrd, vmlinuz and squashfs images
- efi boot image

The regular updates will help to enable the CI for oVirt Node (and Engine) which are using CentOS.
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2015-02-24 20:38

reporter   ~0022400

The images I speak about are locate i.e. here: (and in paths below)


2015-02-25 13:23

reporter   ~0022413

I believe this is a good use case, and aligns with our monthly build strategy. I'll follow up on this.

2015-03-09 18:04

reporter   ~0022498

Are you looking for this build to run nightly ?

note that there are typically no anaconda updates between releases, so it might be 6 to 8 months before you see any changes there. You will ofcourse see updates and changes to the rest of the dep chain and the kernel as updates are issued.

Which also implies that you get to own the entire problem space - if this is ok with you guys, i can look at plumbing in nightly distro builds.


2015-03-09 18:46

reporter   ~0022499

Because, as you said, anaconda is not often updated, I'd not expect nightlies, but maybe weekly builds, mainly tp pick up eventually - already mentioned by you - dependencies, like multipath or blivet, which can affect an installation.

For this special case it was the case that some important updates were shipped in an updted anaconda image shortly after the release (IIRC), and these important updates are missing in the current installer image.


2015-05-19 14:25

reporter   ~0023114

Is there any update on this?

I still see no updated installer images?


2020-10-28 12:38


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