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0008289Buildsyscommunity buildsyspublic2015-05-05 13:39
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Summary0008289: [Cloud SIG] CBS tags hierarchy
DescriptionImplementation of the following proposal:

cloud7-el7-common (common stuff that are currently in EPEL) => shared
by all projects
inherited by cloud7-el7-<project>-<release>

As we'll import Kilo packages soon, it is very important to have this hierarchy and be able to provide CentOS users multiple OpenStack releases and maintain them properly.

At this moment we need:

I'll take care of retagging the existing builds
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2015-03-10 14:34

developer   ~0022503


At the target level :

cloud-e7-common target will have cloud-e7-common-build build tag (which need to inherit from destination) and as default destination cloud-e7-common-testing ?
or we drop -testing and -stable ? This can be an issue for automatic signing and workflow in the future.

All cloud7-project target will need to inherit from cloud-e7-common destination tag. Each one will have is own buildroot ? I think it's the only way to have a clean separation.

So it needs a bit more than reshuffling tags.



2015-03-13 15:56

developer   ~0022515

to move forward one more info needed :

The default destination tag for all target will be -testing or -candidates ?
(this destination will be used for chain building, so build tag must inherit)

Long term we would need to remove tagged package from -testing/-candidates when they hit the final repository (And the "stable" repository should be a dependency for building)


2015-03-18 22:47

reporter   ~0022540

Default destination tag will be -candidate,
CI job will move builds to -testing on success.


2015-04-01 21:20

reporter   ~0022635

@alphacc: is there any blocker ? we're pretty much done importing kilo into Fedora and we can't get started on CentOS.
If you need help and/or more info, let us know.


2015-04-07 08:21

reporter   ~0022686

Looks good, thanks you !


2015-04-07 09:28

developer   ~0022687

$ koji list-targets | grep openstack
cloud6-openstack-common-el6 cloud6-openstack-common-el6-build cloud6-openstack-common-candidate
cloud6-openstack-juno-el6 cloud6-openstack-juno-el6-build cloud6-openstack-juno-candidate
cloud7-openstack-common-el7 cloud7-openstack-common-el7-build cloud7-openstack-common-candidate
cloud7-openstack-juno-el7 cloud7-openstack-juno-el7-build cloud7-openstack-juno-candidate
cloud7-openstack-kilo-el7 cloud7-openstack-kilo-el7-build cloud7-openstack-kilo-candidate

Ok it is now done, just one cosmetic change the dist tag is at the end of target.

let me know if you can build.

For the moment as I have no feedback it inherits from *-common-candidate for shared package.


2015-04-18 15:39

reporter   ~0022819

1) minor nit: redundant EL release version info in target/buildroot names: cloud{6,7}-*el{6,7}* but looks like that's consistent with rest of CBS ?

2) Should tag inheritance for common buildroots include -common-candidate ?
  Now it has:
cloud7-openstack-common-el7-build (64)
  └─buildsys7 (6)
  Now if I have BR for a build in common, I have to:
add-pkg to cloud7-openstack-common-el7-build
tag-build specific NVR to cloud7-openstack-common-el7-build
  which is sub-optimal.


2015-04-20 08:39

developer   ~0022827

1) cause disttag can be completely different (e.g : .infra.)

2) correct, it's fixed.


2015-05-05 13:39

developer   ~0022995

I am closing this, please reopen if you find other issues.

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