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0008314CentOS-7nss-pam-ldapdpublic2015-03-18 11:41
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Platformvmware 5.1OSCentOSOS Version7.0
Product Version7.0-1406 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008314: nslcd stops working - and them systemd hangs when trying to restart it
Descriptionwe use nslcd for ldap lookups.. we have many centos 6 (and red hat 6) clients using the same setup - and it works like a charm.

On CentOS 7 - it works as well.. except:
1) selinux profile does not work with nslcd - so we have to disable selinux (it works on centos 6)

2) nslcd stops working "from time to time", meaning only root on local can login.. the fix is to restart nslcd.

3) when we try to restart nslcd, systemctl restart nslcd simply hangs.. forever. fix is to kill nslcd.
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