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0008331CentOS-6sambapublic2015-03-23 19:26
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Product Version6.6 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008331: During BackupPC backups, smbclient fails a "-c tar full" run silently
DescriptionThis is was reported to Samba with patches at the following report:

I have rebuilt the RPM with these patches and tested and it appears to work.

This is a work around for the backup copy from smbclient failing silently when it encounters an open file. These patches add an option to continue reading the file by adding the command line option "-c tarmode\ errorskip" in addition to "-c tarmode\ full".
Steps To Reproducefreshly installed system, with stock 6.6 smbclient and backuppc rpms. Run a full backup of a windows machine per BackupPC docs. Backup will show complete, but reviewing files will see most of the files are NOT backuped up, usually stopping when it hits "\hiberfil.sys". Running the backup from the commandline with debugging turned on shows the error message, but smbclient fails silently, leading BackupPC to believe the backup was successful.
Additional InformationI have create a new spec and built a new RPM for testing, and all backups appear to be working correctly now, so releasing to you guys to either roll in or pass up-stream as you thing is necessary.

Proper credit is given for the patch in the RPM comments.

(Note: have been unable to upload SRPM with report, will try following up with it.)
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2015-03-23 19:26

reporter   ~0022570

Still can't upload SRPM. Please email me and I'll send the patched SRPM, or I can send the spec and diff files id you prefer. Thanks.

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