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0008333CentOS-7glib2public2015-03-25 20:55
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PlatformCentOS 7 CROS7.1OS Version7.1
Product Version7.1-1503 
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Summary0008333: Error starting programs with the new version of glib2
With the release of CentOS 7.0 glib2 who had had compiled programs that worked me well (glib2-2.36.3-5)
Now with the release of glib2-2.40.0-4 gives the following error:

CRITICAL **: desktop_agnostic_config_schema_get_metadata_option: assertion 'self != NULL' failed

CRITICAL **: desktop_agnostic_config_schema_get_metadata_option: assertion 'self != NULL' failed
ViolaciĆ³n de segmento (`core' generado)

In this case had compiled avant-window-navigator now with the new version of glib2 not work because glib2 obsoletes many things
CentOS July hoped for in his first version 7.0 funciobana me and believed in CentOS conservaias compatible versions that in early versions utilizais

It would be possible to be compatible glib2-2.36.3-5 be preserved? Maybe I like being a package in his day was created to python27 in CentOS 6 ?? Create a glib236 package?
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2015-03-24 20:00

manager   ~0022584

Very unlikely. RedHat updated glib2 to 2.40 with the releases of 7.1, so CentOS will also use that version. Since RedHat will not maintain 2.36, we can't do that either. It would be best to adjust your code to work with 2.40 (did you recompile your application?). Maybe this helps: Or the glib2 documentation for 2.40


2015-03-24 20:49

reporter   ~0022586

too modifying code and a project that has no continuity but I use a lot
I'll have to make reversing and let 7 to return to CentOS CentOS 6 hoping that will not be glib2 version makes my application incompatible
It is a very sad day for me


2015-03-24 20:56

manager   ~0022587

Just for reference, in CentOS-6 glib2 also changed from 2.22 to 2.28 during the previous minor releases. So some minor changes in glib2 are to be expected.


2015-03-24 21:12

reporter   ~0022588

True but CebtOS 6.6 just try and if it works I qye I stopped using CentOS 7 to return to CentOS 6 I am also very sad


2015-03-25 09:51


libdesktop-agnostic-0.3.94-1.el7.src.rpm (231,403 bytes)


2015-03-25 09:55

reporter   ~0022593

happy day for me!!

rebuild package libdesktop-agnostic for code it's ok!

libdesktop-agnostic-0.3.94 works perfectly on my computer and no longer fails to launch applications that depend on libdesktop-agnostic

include the src if someone you can serve it can rebuild for CentOS 7.1 system

I apologize for my English, I'm Spanish


2015-03-25 20:00

manager   ~0022595

Can we close this issue then?


2015-03-25 20:40

reporter   ~0022596

yes, yes! thank's


2015-03-25 20:55

manager   ~0022597

Thus closing

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