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0008461CentOS-7pacemakerpublic2017-11-29 23:05
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PlatformOSCentOSOS Version7.1
Product Version7.1-1503 
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Summary0008461: Pacemaker 1.1.12 <ocf:pacemaker:ping> doesn't work because of fping
DescriptionAfter the upgrade from Pacemaker 1.1.12 the <ocf:pacemaker:ping> resource stay at 0 weight (Connectivity lost) because it cannot write a temporary file in /tmp.
After investigation it appears that the ping resource now use fping by default instead of ping and selinux blocks writing in /tmp.
Steps To Reproduce- Upgrading from CentOS 7.0 to CentOS 7.1
- Start pacemaker cluster with pcs
- Add a cloned ping resource with pcs
- With crm_mon -Arf we can see pingd score to 0 with lost connectivity
- After putting selinux in debug mode, in audit.log we see fping can't write in /tmp
Additional Information<ocf:pacemaker:ping> description tells that ping is used by default whereas fping is used.
To force fping we must use use_fping parameter
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2017-11-29 22:50

reporter   ~0030682

This problem still exists in `pacemaker-cli-1.1.15-11.el7_3.5.x86_64` under CentOS 7.4.

As a note for others who may run into this problem before RedHat decides to fix it, if you add `use_fping=0` to your "pcs resource create" command, the resource agent script will *not* use `fping`, and the resource seems to work as expected.


2017-11-29 23:05

manager   ~0030683

Was this ever reported upstream on If not then it will never get fixed as pacemaker in CentOS is a direct rebuild from the same source that is used for RHEL.

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