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0008843CentOS CI[All Projects] generalpublic2020-01-29 16:35
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Summary0008843: Request access to CI system for Atomic testing
DescriptionI'd like to request a login to to enable CI testing of AtomicAPP per a conversation with KB. Specifically, I'd like the ability to add tasks to this Jenkins setup:

And, ideally, access to the VM created for Lala for Atomic APP:
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2015-06-04 11:30

reporter   ~0023297

+1. Please give access to imcleod as asked by him.


2015-06-04 20:10

reporter   ~0023308

My public key:

ssh-dss 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 mcleodia@x61

Also available at:


2015-06-09 16:30

administrator   ~0023352

AFAIK, Brian added you last week.
Can you start with instructions from [^] [^] , and see if that works fine for you ?

For the Duffy apikey and Jenkins credentials, see with Lala as he has those for atomicapp.

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