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0008996CentOS CI[All Projects] generalpublic2020-01-29 16:35
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Summary0008996: RDO Openstack puppet Modules CI workflow
DescriptionI'd like to put in production in the new workflow for midstream repos synchronization from upstream project that compose the RDO openstack puppet modules package

5 jobs form a work flow that will automatically check for (or receive)
updates from 59 upstream projects that are part of the
openstack-puppet-modules package for RDO, merge with RDO patches, test a
new package for stability and sync midstream repos from upstream repos.

openstack puppet module have 59 upstream projects. 22 come from openstack gerrit, with an average of 50 merges per week,the remaining projects are scattered around github, but I can estimate an average of 3 commits per week each for a grand total of (37*3= 111) + 50 = 161 commits per week. each merge/commit will spawn 3 builds to complete, and there will be a periodic job that will poll all the git upstream projects for changes (that's the only way). Other RDO projects have expressed interest in this CI flow, so it *may* grow in the future
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related to 0009159 resolvedbstinson Add accounts to access openstack puppet modules slave 




2015-07-01 17:20

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2015-07-01 17:29

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2015-07-06 20:32

reporter   ~0023574


I've put two files on my slave home under gerrit-configurations

- rdo-ci-service-centosci.pem is the private key to access openstack
gerrit and gerrithub accounts for the service account.
- gerrit-trigger.xml is the configuration file taken from my test
jenkins server and contains the three serverv configurations I need for
the plugin, except for <gerritAuthKeyFile> value that should be filled
with the path of where you put the key to be accessed by jenkins user.

can you add them to the master configuration ?


2015-08-06 18:59

administrator   ~0023803

Account added.

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