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0009611CentOS-7system-config-kickstartpublic2016-10-18 09:26
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version7.1-1503 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0009611: Kickstart GUI Configurator always displays an error for "Package Selection"
DescriptionWhen starting the GUI version of Kickstart (via system-config-kickstart), the "Package Selection" always shows "Package selection is disabled due to problems downloading package information".

Possible solution:
Based on the output of "yum repolist enabled"
- base/7/x86_64
- extras/7/x86_64
- updates/7/x86_64

I've updated /usr/share/system-config-kickstart/

156: # If we're on a release, we want to try the base repo first. Otherwise,
157: # try development. If neither of those works, we have a problem.
158: if "fedora" in map(lambda repo:, self.repos.listEnabled()):
159: repoorder = ["fedora", "rawhide", "development"]
160: else:
161: repoorder = ["rawhide", "development", "fedora"]

to ("base" is added):
161: repoorder = ["rawhide", "development", "fedora", "base"]

Restart Kickstart and the Package selections works as expected.

Stijn G.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start kickstart via the menu 'Applications > System Tools > Kickstart' or cli (system-config-kickstart)
2. Once started, click 'Package Selection'

Expected: You see the available packages and you can selected them
Actual: an error is shown "Package selection is disabled due to problems downloading package information"
Additional InformationCentOS Linux release 7.1.1503 (Core)
kernel: 3.10.0-229.14.1
Up to date system anno October 2015
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2015-12-25 14:30

reporter   ~0025189

same issues on 7.2.1511
proposed fix solves the issue
system-config-kickstart 2.9.2-4.el7


2016-10-03 16:16

reporter   ~0027643

I am able to reproduce this issue too.

Centos Release: 7.2.1511 (Core)
RPM Package: system-config-kickstart 2.9.2-4.el7

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