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0000969CentOS-4kernelpublic2005-07-12 11:55
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Product Version4.1 - i386 
Summary0000969: kernel-smp does not work on dual Pentium MMX 200
Descriptioni586 arch is unsupported on RHEL4 so this is expected to not work. My dual Pentium MMX 200 does not boot with your SMP kernel. It hangs just after "Decompresing Linux... booting the kernel" message. UP kernel works with no problem.

This should be tested on another SMP i586 machine and remove kernel-smp.i586 if it does not work too. I have one another dual P200 so I'll try to test it.

Also - this is very unconfotable tool for reporting bugs. Use latest Bugzilla as RH and others does please. It allows cross references and more...
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2005-07-12 11:55

administrator   ~0002724

Thanks for the input, I don't have an smp pentium box to test on. If anyone else does have smp i586 kernels working, please let us know.

As to the choice of using Mantis instead of Bugzilla, we looked at both and decided that Mantis is a better and more user friendly bug tracking system.

It is definately different than bugzilla and there are some disadvantages (like the one you mentioned), but searches are much faster and we feel it is a better experience for the user. At one time, we were using bugzilla.

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