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0009914CentOS-7kde-workspacepublic2019-11-21 02:37
ReporterMikhail Rokhin 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version7.2.1511 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0009914: Checkboxes fail to be drawn properly
DescriptionCheckboxes are clean always, whatever checked or not.
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Mikhail Rokhin

Mikhail Rokhin

2015-12-16 00:24

reporter   ~0025076

During install (LiveKDE iso), Automatic Bug reporting Tool (I reviewed the data and agree with submitting it).
Mikhail Rokhin

Mikhail Rokhin

2015-12-16 02:55

reporter   ~0025079

In right-click properties of running task in the task bar (Show a launcher when not running option).

Seems it's spread all around the KDE shell(


2015-12-26 22:21

reporter   ~0025195

Hello Mikhail,

same here - Gtk3 applications (e. g. virt-manager, firewall-config) seem to be affected when using oxygen-gtk theme. Using a different theme (e. g. Adwaita) fixes it for me (KDE System Settings | Application Appearance | GTK+ Appearance | Widget Styles). Can anyone confirm that oxygen-gtk is still working
( )?



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