2017-04-30 20:42 UTC
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  00131521   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-04-24Please add extras external repo to paas7-openshift-future-el7-build
  00131554   [CentOS-7]
crashresolved2017-04-20Bind randomly goes nuts with critical: exiting (due to assertion failure)
  001312421 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-04-18Account request for ci.centos.org for NFS-Ganesha
  00131121   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-04-11Please create cbs.centos.org targets for slco-git212 software collection
  001304641 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-04-06CI for the Le App Project
  001032010   [CentOS-7]
minorresolved2017-04-06very slow performance related to setns processing
  00130851   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-04-04Add repo inheritance for rh-scala210 (maven30)
  00130671   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-04-03Access to artifacts.ci.centos.org for tendrl project
  00130061   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-04-03Please move sclo-php5# tagged package to testing repository
  00128471   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
blockresolved2017-04-03Coordinate release of centos-release-ovirt41 with centos-release-opstools
  00126793   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-04-03Please sign+push storage7-gluster-39-release and storage6-gluster-39-release to the mirror
  00125672   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-04-03Move new SCL packages to buildlogs and mirrors
  001287311 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-03-31CI testing setup for Koji
  00128131   [mirror]
blockresolved2017-03-28OpenStack package repository is empty
  00129951   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-03-24Add Jenkins Build Monitor Plugin
  00130051   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-03-24Need an additional Jenkins node for RDO community
  00129621   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-03-21Add repo inheritance for rh-nodejs6 (devtoolset-6)
  00103222   [CentOS-7]
trivialresolved2017-03-21anaconda does not refuse install on low memory machine
  00129171   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-03-09Create Cloud SIG testing repo for RDO Pike
  001201213   [CentOS-7]
crashresolved2017-03-073.10.0-327.36.1.el7.x86_64 panic
  00129106   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
majorresolved2017-03-07[CloudSIG] CBS tags hierarchy for OpenStack Pike
  00129281   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
featureresolved2017-03-07Please create tags for oVirt 4.2
  00128834   [Cloud Instance SIG]
majorresolved2017-03-07AWS CentOS 7 does not support i3 instance types
  00128763   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-03-05Enable virt7-libvirt-latest-{candidate,testing,release} tags on all architectures
  001144110   [Mantis BT @ CentOS]
Functional Issues
  0012277181 [CentOS-7]
crashresolved2017-03-02Kernel 3.10.0-514 does not boot with mlx4_core module on some IBM systems
  00114003   [CentOS-7]
majorresolved2017-03-02Apache 2.4.6 ignores Timeout Value in httpd.conf
  0012846    [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-03-01Please publish virt7-ovirt-41-release tagged package to mirrors
  0012842    [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-03-01Please push storage[67]-gluster-310-{testing,release} to the mirror
  00127184   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-03-01opstools requesting space on the mirror network
  00123132   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-03-01Move new SCL packages to buildlog and mirrors (rh-eclipse46, rh-mongodb20upg, and rh-thermostat16)
  001283411 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-03-01ci.centos.org Environment/Login for Fedora CI Efforts
  00128193   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-03-01Request to get access to ci.centos.org to carry out CI for DevTools
  00128651   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
majorresolved2017-03-01We need resources to setup CI for Fedora Atomic
  00128417   [CentOS-7]
majorresolved2017-02-27dd disk I/O freeze running as Hyper-V guest
  00128631   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
featureresolved2017-02-24Please publish cloud7-openstack-ocata-release - OpenStack Ocata GA release - to mirrors
  00128629   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-02-24[OpsTools SIG] need CBS tags hierarchy for opstools7-logging-
  00128384   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-02-24Need CBS Tags for dpdk project
  00128712   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-02-24New virt7-libvirt-latest-{candidate,testing,release} build tags
  001270331 [CentOS-7]
minorresolved2017-02-24Removal of a kernel-plus package fails to remove corresponding /boot/initramfs-xxxkdump.img
  00128354   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-02-220011501: Need CBS Tags for vpp project for newer releases
  00124882   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-02-22Tagged build not in cbs repos (rh-mongodb26-mongo-java-driver)
  00126771   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-02-22Gluster 3.10 release is appraching beta, please create needed buildroots and tags
  00128603   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-02-22Create CBS tags for rh-nodejs6, rh-nginx110, rh-ruby24, rh-ror50
  00120324   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-02-22Please move virt7-ovirt-41-testing tagged package to testing repository
  001279921 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-02-22NetworkManager public CI
  00128491   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-02-20create gpg keys for signing opstools packages
  00115015   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-02-17Need CBS Tags for vpp project
  001224610   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-02-16Aarch64 Tag/Target/Buildroot for devtoolset-6
  00126124   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
blockresolved2017-02-16Bulding packages in storage7-gluster-37-el7 failes due to mirror.c.o not having aarch64 in the correct path